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Helen C. (Nelly) Leligou is currently associate professor at Technological Educational Institute of Sterea Ellada. Her research interests lie in the area of protocol design and implementation for communication systems, including a) routing protocols and trust management in Wireless Sensor Networks and b) access control mechanisms in broadband networks including HFC, PON, WDMmetro and core networks. Currently she is working on security protocols for wireless sensor networks. Her research results have been published in more than 100 scientific journals and conferences. She has participated in several EU-funded ACTS, IST and ICT research projects in the above areas.



Ph.D., (Excellent) Telecommunications Laboratory, Electrical and Computer Engineering  Dept., NTUA, Greece. Thesis title: “New methods for access control in  broadband networks”, supervised by Prof. N. Mitrou.


Dipl.-Ing., Electrical & Computer Engineering, NTUA, Greece. Thesis title: "Design of an Integrated Component for the Implementation of the SAR 3/4 Protocol", supervised by Prof. G. Stassinopoulos.

Professional Experience

Oct. 2007- now

Helen C. Leligou is currently associate professor of the Technological Educational Institute of Halkida (TEIHAL). She is active in the research area of sensor networks, designing and evaluating novel trust management systems and routing protocols for large dense sensor networks and reconfigurable sensor nodes. She is the scientific coordinator of the DRAGON project and participates the TROLLS project.  She has also participated (acting also as WP leader) in EU-funded projects (FP7- AWISSENET, ARTEMIS- SMART and FP7-VITRO projects) and national research projects (namely in the EXECHON project, dealing with Vehicular Networks). 

1997- 2007

She is a research associate at the Telecommunications Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). She has participated in several EU research programs in the areas of broadband networking (ACTS-ATHOC, AROMA, IST-DAVID, PRO3, GIANT, NOBEL I, NOBEL II, MUSE I, MUSE II). She has studied medium access control protocols for Hybrid Fiber Coaxial systems,  for Passive Optical Networks operating at gigabit rate (GPON technology), for metropolitan WDM rings as well as the allocation of the protocol processor resources targeting (in all systems) the efficient support of different Quality of Service Levels. From 2004-2007, she is investigating control architectures for Optical Burst-switched Networks as well as the design of a generic scheduling block for a next-generation DSLAM. In the framework of the previously mentioned EU-projects, she was responsible for the implementation in hardware (mainly in FPGA but also in ASIC technology, using VHDL language) of the designed and evaluated real-time control protocols. 

Publication activities

She has published 37 articles in journals, more than 55 in conferences (more than 10 invited), and more than 7 in books. She has also contributed to the IETF NWG ROLL group.

Her work has been cited more than 400 times.

She acts as reviewer for several IEEE and Elsevier journals, she is TPC member in various conferences and has organised workshops

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